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Re: [imp] migrating users from traditional to dynamic interface (message deletion) Jan Schneider Thu Feb 16 06:00:58 2012

Zitat von Michael M Slusarz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Quoting Jan Schneider <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Zitat von Michael M Slusarz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Quoting Gunnar Wrobel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Zitat von Michael M Slusarz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Quoting Gunnar Wrobel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

The problem you describe obviously originates from the fact that it was unclear to the user that she selected *all* messages. Looking at our UI I must admit that this is hard to see. We display the note "358 messages selected" but it is a faint gray and may be difficult to see. I wonder if we could make this more obvious. Do people think that this might be an option?

I'm not sure if making the message count in the preview box darker is going to help out. I would argue that making it darker will make it more difficult to read the screen in general - I think it is at an appropriate color level now.

Design-wise I agree. I was wondering if it could make sense to push a notification saying how many messages were selected. But somehow I assume there are reasons that disallow this :)

A notification message? That seems a bit extreme for an action as basic as selecting messages. I don't want to see a notification every time I open a message that says "You have opened a message!". Not tremendously useful. Notification messages are generally for things that happened outside of the view/knowledge of the user.

How about the highlighting that I just added to develop? This could even be added to more focused events, i.e. only when really selecting all messages.

I personally find this very annoying. At a minimum it should be limited to the '# messages' part of the text, rather than the entire DIV. Especially since the info graphic disappears/reappears every time a message is selected. And it should not be highlighted when a message is deselected (i.e. after reading a message and deleting it).

How about now? It more focused, i.e. it only happens when selecting all messages, and doesn't make the graphic disappear. We can still apply it to a smaller portion of the info area, though I already find it much less annoying now.
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