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Re: [imp] Showing more than one message/page Rickard Hill Tue Feb 21 05:01:12 2012

Vilius Šumskas skrev 2012-02-21 13:24:
Vilius Šumskas skrev 2012-02-21 12:11:
Rickard Hill skrev 2012-02-19 18:42:

For some reason, when I am going to the inbox, it will only showme one
As a normal user account, if I click preferences, all I get is the
following message:

There are no preferences available for this application.
Preferences for Mail
You have probably locked all Mail preferences in prefs.php.
I just checked the prefs.php and can't find anything that
resembleslocking settings for users.
Would youknow where in the file this could be found?
Please read /horde/config/prefs.php header.
Yes, I have read it, and I know it suggests to use prefs.local.php,
however I do not have such a file, nor do I know what to put in it (if I were to create it) to unlock any functions that are supposed to be locked. Same with prefs.d, which contains 10-webmail.php which also doesn't seem to have anything regarding locks there.

Please do not now say "Please read the manual".
I wouldn't have gone through the hassle of joining the mailing list if I didn't atleast try to find an answer myself first,
I have searched, but could not find the answer, hence me asking for help.

As administrator account, I can't seem to find anywhere to change
"view X messages/page".

AUthorization to Horde is done though the mailservers. ie, horde
doesn't handle any user accounts.
Is there a setting for this that I have missed?

What is your IMP version? For IMP 5 it's under IMP preferences ->   Other -
  Mailbox display.
I'm using 5.0.17, and when going to IMP preferences ->  Other serrings
under administration ->  Configuration, all I find is Mail
History,Outgoing email logging and External applications.
You are confusing User preferences with Global Configuration. User preferences 
are located in every application under Preferences icon.

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