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Re: [imp] Showing more than one message/page Vilius Šumskas Tue Feb 21 08:01:52 2012

> > Quoting Rickard Hill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> >
> >> Nope, neither me nor anyone else have locked anything.
> >> It's a fresh installation and the only changes I have done in any
> >> config file is for kronolith and gollem, I have not touched settings
> >> in any file for IMP.
> >> (Which, I would have thought, would have been proven by the fact that
> >> I said that there are no prefs.local.php,
> >
> > Not necessarily. You might have edited prefs.php.
> I was looking through the prefs.php, searching for the word "lock", but
> couldn't find anything in there.
> Could you let me know what to look for?

What *is* in the prefs.php at all? Can you paste it on paste.org?


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