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[imp] Dynamic SEEN/UNSEEN Email status Patrick Domack Mon Apr 02 13:01:25 2012

I've been having an issue with having multible machines logged into webmail, since the last release. Emails read in one client, don't update on other clients. The status on the imap server changes, using other imap client programs reflect the changes correctly. So far the only *fix* is for me to logout, and wipe the cache on the webserver (apc).

IMP 5.0.19
Horde 4.0.14

$conf['cache']['default_lifetime'] = 86400;
$conf['cache']['params']['prefix'] = 'horde_';
$conf['cache']['driver'] = 'Apc';
$conf['cache']['compress'] = true;
$conf['cache']['use_memorycache'] = '';
$conf['cachecssparams']['driver'] = 'filesystem';
$conf['cachecssparams']['lifetime'] = 86400;
$conf['cachecssparams']['compress'] = 'php';
$conf['cachecss'] = true;
$conf['cachejsparams']['driver'] = 'filesystem';
$conf['cachejsparams']['compress'] = 'php';
$conf['cachejsparams']['lifetime'] = 86400;
$conf['cachejs'] = true;
$conf['cachethemesparams']['check'] = 'appversion';
$conf['cachethemesparams']['lifetime'] = 604800;
$conf['cachethemes'] = true;
$conf['sessionhandler']['type'] = 'Builtin';
$conf['sessionhandler']['memcache'] = false;

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