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[imp] Particularly goofy UW-IMAPD error with ONE user Brett Charbeneau Thu Apr 05 08:05:37 2012

I'd be most grateful for any hints or suggestions anyone can find the time to offer!

The specifics:

MAIL SERVER: Debian 5.0.9; Sendmail 8.14.3; uw-imapd 7:2007b

WEBMAIL SERVER: Debian 5.0.8; Horde 3.2.2; Imp 4.2 (Debian packages)

DEV WEBMAIL SERVER: Debian 5.0.9; Horde 3.3.12; Imp 4.3.10 (Horde tarball)

I have a user who is able to use our webmail server (which accesses our mail server via IMAP on port 143) without issue. When he tries to log into the Dev server with the newest version of Horde and Imp on it, he receives

"Error when communicating with the server."

errors from Horde. On the dev server he can view most of his mail folders, but not all. The permissions and ownership of these folders is identical. An attempt to access the INBOX shows only unread messages and gives the same error. The uw-imapd daemon lists no error and I cannot find a way to crank up the debug level. Horde on the dev server lists no error in the logs. The user has not mbox file in their home directory. I have deleted the user and his home directory from the mail server and recreated them - same result: works on the webmail server, but not on the dev server. I also tried recreating the user with an empty INBOX - again, only unread messages show. I have deleted all the users preferences from all Horde applications on the dev server by issuing a

DELETE FROM horde_prefs WHERE pref_uid = 'username';

        command in MySQL - same result when using the dev server.
        I am reluctant to create a


file for uw-imapd since it works flawlessly for all other users on the production server and for the small group (10 users) I have testing the dev server. I realize uw-imapd is not the BEST IMAP choice, but I can't figure out why it works well for everyone except this one user. I'm also loathe to start a new IMAP roll out on a production mail server when it behaves very well with Outlook clients hitting it on port 993 (IMAP over SSL).

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