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Re: How do I use my own google maps key without hosting a server? Bryan Mon Jan 05 22:00:30 2009


Do you have any place you can put up a web page accessible to the
public such as your ISP?

If I understand your question, any place you can put a publicly
accessible web page will do.  You can take a look at a test web page I
put up at: 

You only need to look at the top since that contains the relevant
portions for your question.  There is a lot of stuff in there that is
not relevant to your question but it's just something I put up on
readyhosting.com web site that I subscribe to.

-- Bryan

On Jan 6, 11:45 am, Hassan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'd like to use my own google maps key, but I do not have the ability
> to host a server like you guys did for weNear.com. How do I go about
> updating the API so that I can connect directly to maps.google.com? or
> is this not possible if I am not hosting a server that does a little
> javascript syntactical sugar like the weNear.com test site.
> thanks!
> -hassan
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