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Iphone Map View example need help soon - loadMap has only wenear not googlemaps so not in view guitar99 Tue Sep 01 21:01:00 2009


I have to get an example up and running soon.  I grabbed the latest of
this map-view and in the loadMap method
it's got a URL to wenear.com  which has no parms to set Lat/long
etc... I changed the URL to maps.google.com
and added my query such as maps.google.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED],long  and that will
display a map on Mac OX X Safari
and in the iphone simulator but when it's in the Simulator it's  a
white screen because the legend is just taking up
the view.

I'd imagine that I have to put in loadMap   to use the JavaScript ...
such as   evaljs string...   to invoke the
javascript on the iphone etc...  Anyway, I'm not sure what to do in
loadMap and I don't know how to use wenear etc....
But I need the map to be in the view of the iphone and controlled by
subsequent methods.....

Does anyone have an

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