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Re: iPhone Siddur Requests Manager Barry Schwartz Wed Jan 07 12:00:48 2009

Can you comment on the one I submitted?  This way I can see what it  
looks like...

On Jan 7, 2009, at 2:12 PM, Simcha wrote:

> I believe that I am logged in. For my post it says view response adn
> when I look at your response it says hide response.
> Maybe you are the only one that can comment.
> On Jan 7, 1:46 pm, Barry Schwartz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Do you see "post a response" link?  Are you logged in?
>> I am not using it that extensively.
>> On Jan 7, 2009, at 1:38 PM, Simcha wrote:
>>> See the problem is you will always have the last word. I am not sure
>>> if that forum is meant for discussion or not. I don't see how I
>>> comment on your comment.
>>> The question that I would ask is how extensively you are using it?  
>>> how
>>> many entries do you have? ie for birthdays, Yahrtzeits and
>>> Anniversaries. But we should be discussing this issue either in the
>>> siddur forum or the moderator forum.
>>> On Jan 7, 12:11 pm, Barry  Schwartz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  
>>> wrote:
>>>> The requests can get overwhelming.  Google recently made a tool
>>>> called
>>>> Google Moderator, which seems to be designed for feature requests.
>>>> In
>>>> fact, they started using it for their products (AdWords and Google
>>>> Mobile).
>>>> So I made am area for Siddur requests athttp://moderator.appspot.com/#15/
>>>> e=134a0&t=124ec
>>>> The thing is, submit your requests but before doing so, make sure  
>>>> to
>>>> search to see if your request is there.  If it is there, then you
>>>> should vote for the already submitted request.  The more votes for
>>>> the
>>>> requests, the more we know we should do it.
>>>> Clearly this does not include bug fixes, we have a huge list of  
>>>> text
>>>> issues and bugs we need to address in 3.1, working on it and I  
>>>> have a
>>>> list.
>>>> So go tohttp://moderator.appspot.com/#15/e=134a0&t=124ec
>>>> If you guys like it, we will send out a blast email to our  
>>>> registered
>>>> user base and create a place for all our apps.
>>>> Feedback on this is encouraged.
> >

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