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Re: New version Joel Hakoune Fri Jul 10 07:00:03 2009

On 10/07/2009, at 15:51 , Barry Schwartz wrote:

> Joel, that is pretty rude.  :) This has been a feature for a long long
> time now.  You are just noticing it now?  It is not new to 4.0.  It
> was first introduced with version 3.5 on May 7th, so it has been
> "ridiculous" since then.

Yes, i know, and i told you about this at that time. However, i didn't  
get a proper feedback. So, i'm just trying again :)

> We rarely get complaints from observant Jews.  Actually, this is the
> first complaint we received about this.
> I am not understanding why you care so much?  Do you need weekday
> Maariv on a Friday morning?

First, it doesn't solve the problem, as they still can play around  
with the siddur, map, misheberach list, calendar,... So, is it only  
maariv that bothers you? You're very right, they shouldn't use siddur  
to pray on shabbos, but they shouldn't use it at all on shabbos. I  
think you should do it the right way, not just by hiding a prayer or  
two. So, i think my suggestion would be the best solution to this  
unbelievable issue.

BTW, what about the chagim? So, you'll have to check all these special  
days. So, again...

Also, it doesn't look right, not being able to see some prayers on  
chol. That's why people think it some kind of "undocumented  
feature" (bug:)

At last but not least, but i know you don't agree with me on this,  
maybe if other people could give their opinion on this as well,  
sometimes i just want to check the nusach of the prayer for a specific  
day. So, i don't think you should hide any prayer at all.

One more thing, several people already asked for it, it would be much  
better to have the siddur settings right into the app itself, instead  
of having to switch to the settings app then back to siddur.  
Sometimes, i just want to enable/disable a feature temporarily (for  
instance the smart siddur), this way is a real a pain.
There are other app-store apps doing this, so i really don't see why  
you don't.
For instance, yesterday i used the siddur at mincha, and i noticed the  
kriyat hatorah didn't show :( I'll have to take a look at it. Anyway,  
turning the smart siddur off/on would really be helpful, sometimes.

I really appreciate all your effort and together with all the other  
users. Thank you both (including Ronnie) very very much for this  
unique and wonderful siddur.

I'm in a great lack of time, since a couple of months, so i'll ask  
some more time to get further with the edot hamizrach updates :)

Thanks a lot.

> On Jul 10, 2009, at 8:45 AM, Joel Hakoune wrote:
>> Well, let me say this is quite ridiculous, sorry to be a bit rude :)
>> I understand some crazy people out there make misuse of the iphone,
>> using the siddur on shabbos,...
>> However, you shouldn't punish the whole community for this, as  
>> they're
>> probably a very few people.
>> So, the solution i suggest is that the iphone checks at the launch
>> time (or maybe when it's running too), if it's forbidden to use right
>> now, then put a message the user shouldn't use the siddur right now
>> and close the app. I think it's quite simple, as siddur does all  
>> these
>> kind of checks already.
>> Thanks.
>> On 10/07/2009, at 13:01 , Barry Schwartz wrote:
>>> Marriv on Friday is hidden, because Maariv on Friday is Shabbos
>>> davening. :)
>>> Make sure to hold the phone up when accessing calendar for the first
>>> time.
>>> On Jul 10, 2009, at 2:37 AM, ya1950 wrote:
>>>> Just installed. Can't find Mariv in any Nusach. Also getting error
>>>> message about having to be in landscape mode when trying to access
>>>> calendar despite being in landscape mode. I know Marariv is
>>>> 'optional'
>>>> but still ...  ;)
>> __________
>> Regards,
>> Joel-H.
> >


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