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Re: Create a Minyan Now Feature Feedback Barry Schwartz Thu Jul 23 15:31:12 2009

To answer your question. We do not ask for user location.

Barry Schwartz
Sent from my iPhone 3GS

On Jul 23, 2009, at 5:31 PM, Simcha <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> It sounds great but I wonder how realistic it is judging by how much
> trouble some synagogues have in getting a minyan at a regular time.
> How many men are going to come out to a minyan at 9 or 10 pm.
> You have the demographics. How many centres have enough iSiddur users
> to even have a hope that a minyan could be gathered? How many
> potential minyan iSiddur users do you think would be needed in order
> to get 10.
> I think that enhancing the Minyanim section might be more productive;
> along with the adding and updating of the data. I don't want to fill
> out a long form to add; I'll email someone the name and web site and
> then they can contact them and obtain the information that they want
> to show.
> Simcha
> PS. whenever I look at the map I always see only one other user using
> iSiddur in my general area; do you know
> 1. how many licensed app owners you have in the Toronto GTA?
> 2. How many actual users would be in the Toronto GTA?
> On Jul 10, 4:22 pm, Barry Schwartz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> So one of the features requested was the ability to ask others in our
>> iPhone Siddur community to create an adhoc (makeshift) minyan.  So if
>> you are traveling or missed the only mincha minyan in town, maybe you
>> can pull ten people together with this feature.  There should be
>> enough people who own the Siddur to make this worthwhile, and we hope
>> to expand this Siddur to the Pre and possibly other devices, so the
>> network will just grow.
>> I am trying to think up the specification to make it work.  But I am
>> getting stuck and I know you guys have great feedback, so what do you
>> think?  This is what I got so far:
>> User Set Up:
>> (a) Must be registered
>> (b) Must add a system to specify what location (address or long/ 
>> lat) a
>> person is by day of the week and time. So it can be several  
>> locations.
>> (c) How far the person would go to help make a minyan in both miles
>> and kilos
>> (d) We would need their phone number so they can be txted or called  
>> by
>> those willing to join the minyan.
>> I think that is it on the registration side.
>> Requesting a Minyan:
>> Then a "Request a Minyan" button that asks the user to specify what
>> time, and enter in a description. Then we check if anyone is in his
>> area and send it out. If less than 10 people, then send back that
>> there is only X people currently in his area. If there are 10+  
>> people,
>> then we send out a request via push to all those who fit the location
>> criteria.  The message would say something like:
>> Title: Minyan Request in Your Area
>> Description: [Firstname] has requested to pull together a minyan at X
>> time at (address).  Please click okay to inform [Firstname] if you  
>> can
>> make the minyan or not.
>> Issue is, if they hit "Cancel" we don't know it. Why is this an
>> issue?  Well, if we send the request out to 15 people and 7 people
>> click cancel, we won't know that they meant to click VIEW and then  
>> say
>> on the screen that they cannot make it.  I assume most people who
>> can't make the minyan wont want to be bothered to click VIEW.  Apple
>> doesn't send us a notification that CANCEL was clicked.
>> Clearly if 9 other people click VIEW and say they can make the
>> minyan.  Then we would then send out another push notification that
>> the minyan is on for X and we would display a page with the names and
>> phone numbers of the people who said they will make it, just in case
>> someone is running late.  But if we don't get a 9 others to join, we
>> push notify the person who requested the minyan that it is not
>> happening and those that said they could make it as well.
>> My issue is the "CANCEL" not telling us they clicked "CANCEL"  on the
>> push notification.
>> Sorry for the long email...  Thoughts?
>> Barry Schwartz
>> RustyBrick, Inc.
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