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Re: [iphonesb] Disabling Features in the Lite Version Stephen Dodd Wed Mar 09 13:01:05 2011

On 9. mar. 2011, at 18.43, Benjamin Ragheb wrote:

> On Mar 9, 2011, at 1:27 PM, Stephen Dodd wrote:
>> I'd use in-app purchase but there's just such a compelling marketing reason 
>> to be in both the free and the paid categories.
> Yeah, you're in two places, but you've split your download count across two 
> apps which decreases your overall ranking.

Well, I don't think I'm actually splitting my users.  I'd still have the same 
number of people download the "base/lite" version.  With in-app, that would be 
that. With a separate full version, I'd have some of those users listed as 
downloads on the full version too.

>> Plus I've heard customer support headaches about in-app purchases failing 
>> (but being charged) and people restoring their apps to find the in-app 
>> purchase gone.  Am I correct in these assumptions?
> You provide your users with a Restore Purchases button; it calls Apple's API 
> and will restore purchases that were made prior to a restore or reinstall.

Thanks for the info.  Hope that doesn't cause too many customers confusion.

You do make some good arguments for in-app.

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