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Re: [iphonesb] Creating phone app Ted Oliverio Fri Feb 24 08:00:58 2012

On Feb 24, 2012, at 1:57 AM, Damo wrote:
> New into field... Have a niche that is in demand in sporting clubs I
> know. How do I go about exploring creating it into an app?

Have you ever written a shipping program in any language?

If not, you may be best off hiring an iOS developer.  iOS is a very 
approachable platform, but shipping software products adds complications.

If so, you might want to learn iOS programming (requires a Mac to develop and 
an iOS device.)  There are a number of beginner books, video courses, lecture 
series, etc to get you started.  While moderator-Erica's book has some 
excellent material for those already into it, I'm a big fan of the 
LaMarche/Mark book for iOS beginners.


NOTE: There have been book updates as iOS revs.  Frankly, I think the original 
will get you going (it's cheaper, too!)  After you work your way through that, 
this forum, Stack Overflow, online docs, Erica's Cookbooks, etc., will provide 
you with all the additional info you can handle.


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