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Re: [iphonesb] Dealing With Negative Reviews Mark H. Granoff Fri Mar 02 13:00:44 2012

Education. And it works over time. I have added to our apps, website, and App 
Store descriptions reminders for folks to use our website or support e-mail 
address to contact us about issues. And I have explicitly said that iTunes 
reviews are not the place to register bug reports or complaints. I think it 

But in the end, there are folks who expect that they are paying for something 
so it should be perfect. And if it's not -- if they are unhappy or feel cheated 
-- they'll let everyone know in a review. Not much we can do in that case.

When I see such reviews (and I don't see many of them), if they are 
particularly "not useful" I will mark them as such.

In the end, it would be nice if Apple made it possible for developers to 
connect with these users, at least to be able to start an e-mail dialog or 
something. We should all file a feature request for this.

Mark H. Granoff

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