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Re: Job Postings (was Re: looking for phonegap developer Mr Junk Tue Apr 28 01:09:53 2009

Or hadn't gotten around to it yet.

On Apr 24, 2009, at 2:46 PM, davidroe wrote:

> either people do not understand what this group is for or they are not
> able to tell from the group description. job postings looking for
> iPhone Web developers are not the same as those looking for Cocoa
> developers, this is the wrong group. the group has "iPhone" in the
> title so it is assumed to be the right place.
> if someone wants to know how to subclass a UIViewController, I may
> tell them that they are asking in the wrong group. if someone wants to
> hire a person to subclass a UIViewController, I may tell them that
> they are spamming the wrong group.
> anyone arriving here to post a job listing will (a) not know the
> policy and (b) is unlikely to first search the "Pages" to find out
> what the policy is. personally, I would like to see the first post
> from a new member pass through moderation before appearing here. posts
> from existing members should continue to appear as they currently do.
> as to this particular job posting, it _is_ relevant, because half of
> the phonegap approach is web dev. I just don't understand how someone
> could know enough about phonegap and not post to the phonegap group
> (unless he did and was moderated out).
> /dave
> On Apr 24, 10:41 am, Sean Gilligan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> I believe the last time this was discussed, the official policy (both
>> "official" and "policy" should maybe be quoted) was to allow iPhone  
>> job
>> postings but to ask that people respond  to the poster off-list.
>> Here's my take on the protocol:
>> OK:
>>   * brief job postings by iPhone developers with a clear subject line
>> Not OK:
>>   * postings by headhunters
>>   * repeated postings by the same  company or individual
>>   * responding to postings on-list (if you're interested in the job,
>> reply directly to the sender)
>>   * responding to the posting with complaints of spam (although, I  
>> don't
>> blame those who've done so recently since there
>>      is not clearly posted group policy)
>> I suppose we should have some discussion of this and make sure this  
>> is
>> what the group wants.  Moderators could then be instructed to enforce
>> the "policy".   Assuming the above policy, this would mean rejecting
>> "not OK" messages that were  held for moderation and warning
>> non-moderated members who violate the policy.
>> I suppose we could publish the list policy to the groups "Pages"  
>> section
>> and/or the group description.
>> Regards,
>> Sean
>>> why would you spam this group and not the phonegap group?
>>> On Apr 23, 2:47 pm, friko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>> hi,
>>>> looking for a phonegap developer to build a new mobile app. we are
>>>> based in NYC and Miami, but you don't have to.
> >

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