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Basic: submit an external php page and return somewhere else in the current page Fibo Fri Mar 09 03:01:07 2012

I have some troubles understanding how to use *iui.ajax* or 
*at least from page 
My problem:
- I am dynamically generating forms thru PHP, depending on values in some 
data array
- there is a main form which leads to child-forms.
- each child-form has its own set of <input fields, dynamically generated 
by PHP
- I want to pass child-input data to some common place. I am trying to do 
that thru a very simple php script, something like

foreach ($_POST as $index=>$value) $_SESSION[$index]=$value;

 (this is the simplified version, I have placed additional sanity / 
security checks)
- my problem: I don't find / understand how I can submit this php then go 
to the previous window in the initial page.
I have for example tried to define
<form id='myform' title='The title' name='myform' 
method='POST' >
and some other variants, but did not find the right way to do things.
Any suggestions to the changes needed in post_sesion (eg generating some 
code) or in the main html code?

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