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Re: Copy/Paste bug. Michael Martin Thu Mar 25 08:00:52 2010

Here is another related to copy/paste.

Log into you host of choice. Try a few commands, an ls or two will do nicely. 
Pinch zoom in/zoom out, say. Now select a piece of text to copy. Now, before 
dismissing the copy/paste button, do a pinch zoom in. Two things happen at this 
point. First, the copy paste buttons sort of freak and now show the text you 
are zooming into. Second, the copy/paste bubble will get permanently embedded 
on the screen. Lastly, there is no way to gracefully exit the copy paste mode. 
Scrolling, etc thinks you are trying to select some text. One can type commands 
and they work, but the best thing to do at this point is exit and then exit 

                           Michael Martin
                      [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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