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Re: Dead logins again Dean Wed Jul 20 20:02:16 2011

Without having any additional information, my first suspicion is the
host you're connecting to interacts with iSSH in someway that's not
what everyone is expecting.  An easy way for me to test would be for
you to contact me directly with your hostname.  I wouldn't even need a
login since even getting a banner would seem to be success at this


On Jul 20, 2:06 pm, Jay Rouman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sorry to be a stuck record, but I am still experiencing "dead" logins on
> simple SSH sessions.  I will log in and see nothing on the terminal.
>  Rotating the device shows the login banner and prompt from the remote
> machine.  But you can't type.  Rotating back lets you type but you can't see
> what you are typing.  Killing iSSH in the multi-task menu and restarting
> works every time.  I have come to logging out, using the X to get back to
> the iSSH menu, using the Home button to get to the home screen  and then
> immediately going to the multi-task menu to kill the process so I don't have
> a problem the next time.  It works, but it shouldn't be necessary.
> I am wondering if I am doing something wrong because I don't see other
> complaints and it's pretty annoying.  The problem started with iOS 4.0, when
> multi-tasking was introduced.  This is a 4th Gen iPod Touch running 4.3.4
> and iSSH 4.6.2.   I am more than willing to reboot, reload, or wave a dead
> chicken over the device if it will help.
> --  Jay Rouman

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