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Lost in Space with Multiple Connections Michael Martin Wed Feb 01 22:01:15 2012

When I am updating a series of computers, I usually have multiple connections 
open. In the terminal window, one can use swiping to side scroll through those 
connections. A most useful feature!

However, once one has scrolled to an alternate session for a quick peek on 
progress, the association between the connection and the terminal session is 
"broken", if you will. Exiting to the Active Connections window and then 
tapping a particular connection does not return one to the terminal of the 
selected connection, but to whatever terminal happened to have been viewed 
last. To further compound the confusion, if one begins to type, the typing IS 
tied to the correct terminal session. So one sees the "wrong" session, but is 
typing in the selected session.

Now I will admit there is some logic to leaving things alone that that user did 
not say to do (always hated pushy software), but once the mapping between the 
connection and the terminal view is altered, there appears to be no good way to 
restore it. I would suggest that going from the Active Connections window to 
the selected terminal session takes the user to the terminal session associated 
with the connection as opposed to whatever session that was last side scrolled 
to. That would seem to me to make the most sense.

                           Michael Martin
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