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Re: Lost in Space with Multiple Connections Dean Beeler Wed Feb 01 22:08:11 2012


This has actually been corrected in the version in progress.  5.2
should be out soon but I'm going over it much more carefully than
previous releases.


On Jan 14, 8:54 am, Michael Martin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> When I am updating a series of computers, I usually have multiple connections 
> open. In the terminal window, one can use swiping to side scroll through 
> those connections. A most useful feature!
> However, once one has scrolled to an alternate session for a quick peek on 
> progress, the association between the connection and the terminal session is 
> "broken", if you will. Exiting to the Active Connections window and then 
> tapping a particular connection does not return one to the terminal of the 
> selected connection, but to whatever terminal happened to have been viewed 
> last. To further compound the confusion, if one begins to type, the typing IS 
> tied to the correct terminal session. So one sees the "wrong" session, but is 
> typing in the selected session.
> Now I will admit there is some logic to leaving things alone that that user 
> did not say to do (always hated pushy software), but once the mapping between 
> the connection and the terminal view is altered, there appears to be no good 
> way to restore it. I would suggest that going from the Active Connections 
> window to the selected terminal session takes the user to the terminal 
> session associated with the connection as opposed to whatever session that 
> was last side scrolled to. That would seem to me to make the most sense.
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