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Re: [ivtv-users] problems after kernel update Larry Fri Sep 07 12:03:51 2007

I had the same issue.  Downloading the latest xdriver from here (below)
and configure/install. There is a dependency issue for an X11
development package iirc, but I don't recall what it was. Sorry bout
that but my note taking skills are lacking...


(if your using ATRPMS you didn't need to download the ivtv package btw)

Of course I should also add that once I did the above I was able to get
a working system, that would launch KDE via the tv out of my pvr-350,
however when I go to watch video in myth I get "unable to initialize video".

I would be curious if you get the same thing after the xdriver upgrade.

If so there is a patch for mythtv to support the latest ivtv driver api,
that I'm told will fix the problem but since I rely on rpms for my myth
setup I haven't been able to test.

Here is the link to the patch


If you search the ivtv archives for the thread "OK,     next question...
TV-Out on PVR-350 on kernel 2.6.22.." from me you will see the
progression of testing.

Let me know how your testing goes and if you get the same issue with
Myth and watching TV/recordings.


Adam LaStrange wrote:
> I had a working pvr-350 mythtv system until I updated the kernel to the
> latest fc6 2.4.22.  Boots straight to console now and the xorg log has:
> (EE) Device(s) detected, but none match those in the config file.
> I've read the ivtv drivers are included in the kernel now and I should
> change my xorg.conf to reference 'ivtv' instead of 'ivtvdev'.  I did
> that, and the log says it can't find that driver.  I downloaded the
> latest ivtv package from the website, did make, make install --
> everything looked ok, but it still says the driver isn't found.  I'm not
> at home right now, but all I saw in the /usr/lib/modules/ (i think
> that's it) was the drivers named ivtvdev_drv, shouldn't i be seeing
> ivtv_drv?
> Sorry I don't have more info at the moment, but can tell me what I
> should have done after:
> yum update kernel
> yum update
> which hosed ivtv.  Thanks guys
> -Adam
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