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Re: [ivtv-users] Knoppmyth R5F27 PVR350 Closed Captions Recording Incorrectrly Hans Verkuil Mon Oct 15 06:05:08 2007

On Friday 12 October 2007 14:44:44 Joe Niffen wrote:
> I am using a Hauppauge PVR 350s card for recording and for viewing on
> my TV.
> Now the tuner is not decoding closed captions correctly.
> Either from viewing live TV, or watching a recording from this
> version the CC is close but some sentences are run together, letters
> missing etc.  There are not funny characters, just skipped letters in
> words or words running together.  If I watch a recording done on
> Knoppmyth R5F1 it is flawless.  I had to go to R5F27 due to the
> Zap2it dropping the scheduling  service.  I tried to update the
> scheduling portion of R5F1 but I could get it to work.
> I have changed the settings in KM to use the 350 out on the TV and to
> not use the 350 out. Also, changed the xorg.conf file to display KM
> on my computer monitor, but the CC are still slightly incorrect. 
> Again the closed captions are good on the previous recordings but not
> on the new ones from F27.
> Are there files I can edit so this is working correctly again?  I
> forgot how to determine which version of ivtv is being used, could I
> get that command as well?
> Thanks very much.

There have been reports about garbled CC recordings. I'll look into that 
this weekend. I also know that ivtv-1.0.0 and up contain bugs in 
outputting CC over the card's TV-out. These are fixed in the latest 
v4l-dvb repository at www.linuxtv.org/hg (and these fixes will appear 
in 2.6.24).

If you playback a known good recording, is the CC output correct in that 
case? So it only happens with new recordings?



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