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[ivtv-users] Help With Troubleshooting jpreston Fri Feb 03 08:01:57 2012


I have two servers running Mythbuntu 11.04 and MythTV 0.24.1.  I have
three PVR-150 tuners in the server configured as a slave backend, and
some digital tuners in the master backend.  The problem I have is that
whenever the analog tuners are called for by any frontend (even a local
one), I get distorted video, with stuttering and image freezes.  There is 
currently a bug report in with MythTV on a “Analog Channel Change” issue. 
I have tried the work-a-round (tune a digital channel before using one of 
the analog tuners), but it does not work for me.  I finally saw some
troubleshooting steps for IVTV drivers, and followed some of those steps. 
The one that caught my attention, is the “cat /dev/video1 > test.mpg”
test.  I looked at the file that was produced while the command was
active, and VLC would only play a few seconds of the file and then skip
to the end, and then terminate the viewing window.  The video jumped and
was distorted, just the same as it was in MythTV.  So the issue,
evidently, is not MythTV, but perhaps with IVTV or some related item.  

On a related note, the same hardware works without issues, when running
MythTV 0.21 under Mythbuntu 8.10.

What would you do next and where would you look for a resolution?



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