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Launch web page in browser under Leopard Chris Colvard Thu Mar 27 06:00:33 2008

Under Leopard, my application can no longer launch a web browser to open
a web page, local or remote.  If the default browser is already open,
then the page will load as expected.  This problem only applies to when
the default browser is not currently running.

Using either BareBonesBrowserLaunch.java, Runtime.exec("open
file:/path/to/file.html"), or an old version of BrowserLauncher, I get
the following error in the system log when Safari is the default browser:
"No Info.plist file in application bundle or no NSPrincipalClass in the
Info.plist file, exiting"
"Exited with exit code: 1"

When firefox is the default browser:
"Exited with exit code: 1"

These methods work properly and do *not* fail when run in a simple Java
application outside of a bundle and invoked on the command-line.  Any
help in resolving this issue would be appreciated.


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