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Re: Safari 5.1 Ulrich Kortenkamp Thu Feb 02 13:09:28 2012

Dear Joshua, dear Werner,

just for the records (and list archives): we finally found (and fixed) the 
cause for the white flickering in our applets. Actually we are drawing bitmaps 
in one Thread and blit them during the AWT Thread. Funny enough, the other 
Thread was producing the bitmaps faster than they were blitted, which cleared 
the bitmap before the AWT Thread could render it. Just not creating new bitmaps 
solved the problem. So - this was actually a logical error in our buffer 
producing code that just was not visible with older Java/Safari versions.

Maybe this can help as well for you, but I fear not, as this is such a stupid 
bug that I hope nobody else did this.

All the best,

Am 29.07.2011 um 16:48 schrieb Joshua Smith:

> It might be the same underlying cause, but the presentation is completely 
> different.
> In my case, what I'm seeing is a mix of last-frame and current-frame being 
> displayed for an instant (just like video sync glitches, except not as tidy). 
>  The obvious cause of this would be that the BLT of content from the applet 
> into the CALayer is not synchronized on the AWT Event Thread.
> It's unlikely that you are interspersing white frames into your animation (or 
> you'd see the flicker all the time), so I'd describe this as a different 
> problem.
> Although, again, the fix for my problem might well fix yours as well.
> -Joshua
> On Jul 29, 2011, at 10:40 AM, Werner Randelshofer wrote:
>> Dear George,
>> I also have Java applets with high-frequency animations.
>> The animation does not flicker as long as the user does not interact with 
>> the applet.
>> (Maybe they are somehow different from Joshua's).
>> But when the user clicks on the applet, it flashes white.
>> I get this in all three browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) on Lion.
>> Here is an example page (an interactive Rubik's Cube).
>> http://www.randelshofer.ch/rubik/virtual_cubes/rubik/instructions/instructions.html
>> I guess you are aware of this issue. (?)
>> I wonder what the difference between the Flash plugin and the Java plugin is.
>> I don't see any flickering in Flash applets on Lion. 
>> Best,
>> Werner
>>> On 29.07.2011, at 16:11, Joshua Smith wrote:
>>> Ah!  That probably explains why high-frequency animations now get torn to 
>>> shreds when the applet is running in the browser, huh?
>>> On Jul 28, 2011, at 9:03 PM, Bino George wrote:
>>>> the applet area is really a CALayer that is owned by Safari. That area is 
>>>> merely a reflection of the actual UI that is in the Java process.
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