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Re: [OT] H2 / HSQLDB / Derby? Steve McLeod Thu Feb 02 22:06:47 2012

My Mac OS X product, Poker Copilot, uses H2, and has thousands of
users. Some users have databases that are gigabytes in size.

No gotchas on Mac that I've discovered.

I'm very happy with H2. It is under active development, updates are
released every couple of weeks, and it is well supported. Serious bugs
are usually fixed with a week or two of being identified. There is
even paid commercial support if you need it (disclosure: I'm the paid
commercial support)

I would suggest, however, that you also consider sqlite. If your app
is Mac only, you can count on sqlite being available on the user's


Steve McLeod
Founder, Poker Copilot
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