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Re: [OT] H2 / HSQLDB / Derby? Paul Libbrecht Thu Feb 02 22:08:18 2012

> Last time I checked there was still no real JDBC driver for sqlite worthy of 
> the name. You have to use one of those sqlite Java wrappers.

Just as a rant: JDBC really really really is not the panacea!
It's fairly old and grumpy. But it's very widely deployed!

If looking at alternative storages, there are loads of them.
We've been using Lucene for a purely java-native-storage and it has worked very 
well in performance and a good support for streams (which has been often an 
issue in JDBC's applications).

That said, Derby was also used by my former group and has worked real well, 
e.g. to build on things that need JDBC such as Hibernate.

Whatever the storage, restore methods are needed, and better have them in some 
external format such as XML and zips instead of concrete-schema-specific 
exports such as SQL.

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