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Re: Gatekeeper on MacOS 10.7 Michael Hall Tue Apr 03 14:01:27 2012

On Apr 3, 2012, at 3:23 PM, Brian Davies wrote:

> Dear Mike
> Just downloaded launcher.dmg but without any included explanations have no 
> idea what to do with it.  Then went to the supplied "halfpipe" link, but the 
> language is completely unintelligible to me.  Is it intended that this 
> project will lead to something useable by people who know how to program in 
> Java but are completely unfamiliar with the nitty gritty of Mac OS X and UNIX?

The launcher project is based on parts of the openjdk application launcher. The 
list thread is a little old. Sorry, it took me a while to get around to having 
something available based on it. But the response is in context to what was 
being discussed at the time. Roughly, this provides a application launcher 
executable along the lines of Apple's JavaApplicationStub. If you don't do java 
desktop applications this might still make no sense but probably then it isn't 
a concern to you either. 

The project is a Java command line shell. Meant to support useful built-in 
commands and extensible to include user commands. Currently intended for those 
command to be java or scripting language based. More in the application 
documentation. Questions particular to my application might be better asked 
> For example, on Windows, there is (among others) Launch4j which builds a 
> launch exe using an interface which asks all the relevant questions in fairly 
> plain language, and there is (among others) InnoSetup, which builds an 
> installer when provided with an easy-to-write script and which has built-in 
> help for writing that script.
> It is easy to use the above to deploy either with or without a bundled JRE.  
> Difference is a factor of about 50x in the size of the installer the user 
> needs to download, and the consequent amount of space needed on the user's 
> system.  Believe it or not, many users do not have fast broadband with large 
> download quota per month.

On OS X we have been told that openjdk desktop applications will include a 
bundled jdk/jre. Not optional. Not possible to omit. If my understanding of 
that is correct. Discussion of it might be better brought up on the openjdk 
list. Although if I'm completely wrong someone might want to indicate that 
here, to not leave the wrong impression with those not following that list.

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