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[jboss-user] [Persistence, JBoss/CMP, Hibernate, Database] - Re: [JBoss-4.0.3][SQLServer] LockAcquisitionException blocks ceciiil Mon Mar 30 16:01:16 2009

2 reasons : 

1) SQL Server sends "transaction started" and "transaction rolled 
back/committed" messages to the driver "in band" with a query's execution 
results (update counts, result sets, errors).  The driver can't "see" the 
messages until the results that precede them have been processed.  So once a 
transaction has been started, if a statement's execution causes a commit or 
rollback, the driver will think the transaction is still active until the 
statement's results have been processed. More here 
 So the solution is to configure your datasource with a request to always check 
the connection : 

  | <check-valid-connection-sql>SELECT 1 </check-valid-connection-sql>
Believe it or not, the above select works with SQLServer2005. 

2) When setting snapshot mode on SQLServer, if you use Hibernate (as we do) as 
ORM you need to set the hibernate.connection.isolation to snapshot mode value 
(4096) :

  | hibernate.connection.isolation = 4096
More here http://www.hibernate.org/382.html

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