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[jboss-user] [JBoss Messaging] - Excessive disk usage on SQL 2008 R2 with JBoss messaging 1.4.2.GA-SP1 Graeme Wright Fri Apr 13 06:00:54 2012

Graeme Wright [https://community.jboss.org/people/gw2603] created the discussion

"Excessive disk usage on SQL 2008 R2 with JBoss messaging 1.4.2.GA-SP1"

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We have seen issues when running Jboss 4.2.3 with JBoss Messaging 1.4.2.GA-SP1 
using MS SQL 2008 R2 for the data-store where in high volume environments the 
disk usage is disproportionate to the volume of messages being persisted.

I know that there is a known behaviour with MS SQL and the following note from 
JBoss messaging docs explains this,

Microsoft SQL Server does not automatically de-allocate the hard-drive space 
occupied by data in a database when that data is deleted. If used as a 
data-store for services that temporarily store many records, such as a 
messaging service, the disk space used will grow to be much greater than the 
amount of data actually being stored. Your database administrator should 
implement database maintenance plans to ensure that unused space is reclaimed. 
Please refer to your Microsoft SQL Server documentation for the DBCC commands 
ShrinkDatabase and UpdateUsage for guidance.  

however we have seen the JBM_MSG table grow beyond the volumes actually being 
submitted, we have other similar environments that do not exhibit the same 
behaviour. Users believe the number that each message is consuming 5mb for what 
would only be at most few hundred KB message and is actually consming 200MB of 
disk to store this, obviously this sounds like an issue with SQL Server and we 
have opened a ticket with Microsoft but was sseeing if anyone else had seen 


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