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Re: [jbosscache-users] Issue with JBC on Tomcat 5.5 Manik Surtani Mon Nov 26 06:04:32 2007

On 13 Nov 2007, at 10:30, Mamta, Jain wrote:

Hi Manik,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, the tomcat clustering is enabled and works fine. Does tomcat also use JGroups ?

Yes, although potentially not the same version as shipped with JBoss Cache.

The tomcat's clustering is on say and port 4554. What I have done is, configured replSync-service.xml that comes with JBossCache and pointed the UDP/mcastaddr to the same addr and port as in Tomcat. Is there something wrong here ? What I have udnerstood from the documetns of JBossCAche is that, it leverages on JGroups which is capable of discovering an existing multicast group, in that case is'nt this configuration enough ? If the answer is no then what is the role of replSync-service.xml ? Is there a separate xml that is to be configured for automatic discovery ? Or the mping.xml found in jgroups.jar has to be modified ?

Just use a different multicast address and port. Tomcat will barf (as it as) if it sees JBoss Cache discovery and replication traffic.


Manik Surtani
Lead, JBoss Cache

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