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[jbossws-users] [JBossWS] - Re: jbossws1.0.x is a preview implementation with support fo maeste Wed Nov 29 06:04:50 2006

I didn' want to start a flame. In fact I didn't understand you refer to client. 
It seems to have trouble, we don't use it except in some little use case. We 
works mainly on the server side.

IMHO opinion jboss still the best AS on the market. And I mean the best one, 
not the best open source.
I started to use jboss since 2.0 (first production environment 2.4.1) and I 
read forums and ML since the beginning. I agree with you, a lot of things 
changed, community is changed (more noise) and jboss' staff become more and 
more busy. 

Before someone other of the staff will tell you: The only sure way to get 
immediately feed back is the professional support. The community support is not 
so responsive, and mainly intend for guys wearing "engineer white coat". :)

This is just my humble opinion, my impression and I'm just a user like 
you...really passionated end user.

Next days we have to implement ws clients and I'll keep you post of our result 
or problem. Well the goal of project is 2nd quarter 07 and I don't exclude to 
use jbossws 2.0CR

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