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Re: reduce queries for user preferences lookup - Jetspeed 2.1.2 David Sean Taylor Wed Feb 01 21:02:51 2012

On Jan 13, 2012, at 2:01 AM, Roberto Rossi wrote:

> Thanks David! I'll read the migration guide to upgrade our 2.1.2 Jetspeed 
> installation to 2.1.4.
> Together with database changes, are there also some changes to the Jetspeed 
> files? I think that database changes should reflect changes in the Java code, 
> right?
Yes, the 2.1.4 code will require the database schema changes outlined in the 
migration guide. 

> What about the attribute readOnly of preferences in fragments? Could be 
> useful to set it to "false"?

Changing the prefs to ReadOnly won't help the 2.1.4 preferences storage issue. 
Still recommend 2.1.4 migration to address the problem
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