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Re: Jetspeed 2 - Changing Default Landing Page after user login cnguyen8 Wed Mar 07 13:01:32 2012

OK.  I got somewhat further into the process but still not success.

What I want to do, create a new user that have predefine template with
constraint and role.
To do this, i must do setting in the template folder for creating new user.

So I have:
Template Folder/space (set ManagerPage.psml as default)
Template Folder/new-user (Set display.psml as default).

Template Folder (folder.metadata) file i have
<folder hidden ="false">
<default-page>space/ManagerPage.psml</default-page>  (want to set so every
time new user is create, their default page is point to ManagerPage.psml) 
But when i do this, it still go to "My Pages" as default landing page and
the DROP DOWN MENU does not show.  It reappear after i start clicking
around.  I would say this is a BUG.

However, i'm still not success point ManagerPage.psml to be default landing
page after user login.

cnguyen8 wrote:
> Hi,
> I've look everywhere on the Jetspeed setting trying to change the default
> landing page for the user with no success.
> Basically.
> From admin, I create a space call Manager Page.
> From manager, after i login, it always land on "My Pages" instead of
> "Manager Page" from the drop down on top.  So i have to go to the drop
> down menu on top and select the "Manager Page" to see it.
> How/where do I change the setting so that, when the manager login, the
> first page they see is "Manager Page" from the drop down menu on top and
> not "My Pages".
> Reason:
> The "Manager Page" contain Portlets which the admin have to define and set
> 100s of attribute & values.  
> Because of this, a lot of time will be wasted if we have define all
> attribute/values for new users if it were to be display on the "My Pages"
> I've also have a few other Spaces created which also required to be the
> landing page for other type of users.
> Thanks for your help in advance.

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