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Re: How to clean up Jetspeed database after undeploy of portal applications David Sean Taylor Fri Mar 23 18:00:30 2012

Assume you've tried deleting the application from the Portlet Application 
Manager. If the application does not show up in the list of applications 
deployed to your server, then something is out of sync. If it does show up 
there, simply delete the application. Otherwise, probably the easiest way to 
resolve is to simply redeploy the app, and then undeploy it. It seems like the 
application is still indexed in the Lucene index. Deleting or Undeploying an 
app from the Portlet Application Manager will delete the index

On Mar 23, 2012, at 1:19 PM, robotdan wrote:

> I'm using Jetspeed 2.2.0 running on Tomcat 6.0.18.
> Is there is a way in which to undeploy a portal application that causes
> Jetspeed to perform database cleanup.
> I found a thread back from 2005 that seems to be asking the same question.
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/portals-jetspeed-user/200507.mbox/[EMAIL
> To remove our portal application, we just remove the war file, and cleanup
> any other jars we've laid down in support of our portal application during
> our removal process as was suggested in the above thread.
> We do this with Tomcat stopped, but I've also tested removing the jar at
> runtime which causes the exploded war directory to also be removed
> automatically.  Both of these yield the same results.
> The result being that the Jetspeed database still keeps a record of our
> portal application in the PORTLET_APPLICATION table.
> The portlets shipped w/ our portal application still have records in the
> PORTLET_DEFINITION table - as well as portlet preferences still being
> stored.
> The visible problem I have is that these portlets still show up in the
> Custom Portlet Selector even after we've removed our portal application.
> We don't want users trying to select portlets that do not exist.
> I have tested removing records manually from the Jetspeed database, which
> does seem to work, although I don't know if there may be other side effects
> of doing so.
> After doing this manual cleanup, when I use the Custom Portlet Selector,
> the portlets from my removed portal application are gone, and if I go into
> the Jetspeed Portlet Application Manager, it is also removed there.
> Here is an example of the SQL I used to do the cleanup: (where the
> APPLICATION_ID of 4 corresponds to the portal application that I undeployed)
> Is this up to us to clean up, is there a Jetspeed API, or a better way to
> undeploy - is it even safe safe to directly modify this table w/out
> Jetspeed knowing?
> The same probably goes for old records in the PORTLET_PREFERENCE table,
> those don't really cause us any problems, but it would be nice to clean up
> preferences for users that have been since deleted.
> I have not had any luck with using the Jetspeed portlets for undeploy of
> our portal application - and I think even if that worked - that doesn't fit
> our needs because we don't expose that function to our end users.
> We have command line scripts that add and remove our portal applications.
> Thanks.
> Daniel

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