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Re: [jibx-users] Unable to generate binding.xml for class with javax.activation.DataHandler - MTOM Dennis Sosnoski Sat Nov 26 23:00:21 2011

Hi Brando,

No, there's no default support for DataHandler. This is something I've been interested in implementing in the past, since it could allow JiBX to hook into the MTOM attachment support in Axis2 and CXF.

  - Dennis

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On 11/08/2011 09:14 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:


I'm trying to generate a binding.xml from a java class that has javax.activation.*DataHandler*as one of its attributes.

Whenexecutingorg.jibx.binding.generator.BindGenon it I get the following error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: No way to handle type javax.activation.DataHandler, referenced from DataHandlerTest

at org.jibx.binding.generator.BindGen.expandReferences(BindGen.java:227)

at org.jibx.binding.generator.BindGen.findReferences(BindGen.java:1010)

        at org.jibx.binding.generator.BindGen.generate(BindGen.java:1124)

        at org.jibx.binding.generator.BindGen.main(BindGen.java:1302)

Isthisobject typesupported by*jibx-1.2.3*?

I have also tried to manually generate thebinding.xml butwhenitcompiles the binding.xmlitfails when it tries toresolve*<structure map-as="javax.activation.DataHandler" field="dataHandler" usage="optional" />*

Currently we are using ADB for services that require MTOMbut would like to migrate to jibx-1.2.3.

We are using*Axis2 1.6*

Thank You.



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