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2.0 branching mstover Tue Mar 30 10:44:24 2004

I'd like to make the 2.0 cvs branch now if people don't mind.  I find it
really makes things easier to make release branches.  I know there are
people who want to begin new development, and a branch makes that
possible while also allowing very frequent bug fix releases.

If no one has an objection, I'll do the branch and call it rel-2_0. 
Releases will be tagged with names like rel-2_0_0, rel-2_0_1, etc.  I'll
take care of merging bug fixes from the branch into main development (so
please don't make bug fixes in both places).

To check out a branch: cvs co -r rel-2_0 -d jmeter-2_0 jakarta-jmeter

This tells cvs to checkout the "rel-2_0" branch of the "jakarta-jmeter"
project into a local directory called "jmeter-2_0".  

Creating a new eclipse project ready to go is as simple as copying the
.project and .classpath files, and modifying the .project file to rename
the project to "jmeter-2_0" (assuming you made this checkout in your
eclipse workspace, which you should).

I'll do this sometime today if no one objects, so please finish your
commits soon.  Documentation updates and the like can continue in the
new branch, so that shouldn't be a hold up.


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