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RE Survey jerome . dupont Mon Oct 31 00:27:23 2005

1. how often do you run the automated tests?
Every new version, if there is a risk of loss of performance (changing
version of EJB, of database...)

2. how do you structure the files?
 -----> appli1 -----> test    -> myTest.jmx
                  |-> data    -> myData1.csv
                  |           -> myData2.csv
                  |-> results -> ATemporayFile.jtl
                              -> testsForVersion05.1
                                    |-> myTestoOctober31.jtl
                                    |-> analyseTestForVersion05.1.xls

-----> appli2 -----> test ...

myTest.jmx contains the scenario
myData1.csv contains datas for scenarii, for example list of user/passwd...
results contains results: In most cases, I export listeners results in a
temporay files, that I copy  to a repertory dedictated for a version.
After, I insert and analyze my datas in excel file

3. do you use a naming convention for the directories and files?
see before

4. how many test plans do you run?
Now I have 4 test plan, but it's grwonig up.

5. which listeners do you use to save the results

6. what kinds of charts and graphs do you want?
Response Time by servlets
Statistics by servlets

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