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Re: [Jmol-users] Can I calculate hbonds using pop-up menu? Herráez Sánchez Ángel Fri Feb 03 07:07:44 2012

Hello Johannes

As you may know, H-bond calculation in Jmol is limited to certain situations 
(mostly proteins) and has evolved (expanded) during the last years.

I am not sure about your problem, first I thought it may be related to the file 
format not being pdb. But since you say that you can do it from the console, 
then it may be some kind of bug. Maybe there was a former limitation that has 
been removed in the script processor but not from the menu generator. Bob 
Hanson will be able to tell you.
Anyway, have you tried with a pdb file, to see if there is a difference? I 
remember using the popup menu for calculate, so the ability is there.

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