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[Jmol-users] Selecting Atoms with the mouse Ted Cohen Fri Feb 03 10:15:35 2012

Hello Jmol community!

I am using Jmol in a web page with the javascript interface;
I belive that "select all" is the default rendering of the loaded molecule.
I would like, using the mouse and/or menu but not the console to be able
to unselect all and then toggle the selection state of individual atoms
by clicking on them.

I can select with ease if I start the Jmol console and fire off commands,
but I have not been able to figure out how to do it with the mouse.
I can select atoms for "measurement" using double click but have not
been able to select atoms for other purposes, such as "coloring" using
the mouse.

I have looked for documentation on how to "select" an atom in the applet
using a mouse. The most likely docuement was: 
but the section on selecting was not clear to me at all. I still have not

Thanks in advance for pointers to better documentation or an email explanation.
If I can figure it out, I will update the above referenced wiki page to
be more explanitory for novices.

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