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[jquery-ui] Trouble with ui datepicker and ie security zones anemon Tue Jan 19 08:00:39 2010

I run my site with ui datepicker at localhost in IE with security
params - internet zone, high level(ask to enable javascript). I add
localhost to trusted sites. When datepicker shows (_updateDatepicker
function call),IE ask me to enable javascript - it`s not correct
Generated datepicker div contains js functions call and
jquery-1.3.2.js first of all sets div.innerHTML and then
fragment.appendChild(). http://karma.nucleuscms.org/item/101 has
decision that innerHTML must be after appendChild.
I have fixed this on datepicker`s side by appending an empty
datepicker`s div and then set it`s innerHTML (function
var jq = inst.dpDiv.empty().append('');
jq[0].innerHTML = this._generateHTML(inst);
Is this issue might be considered as bug and can I submit this fix in
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