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Re: [JSch-users] another auth fail Gian Uberto Lauri Fri Feb 03 05:12:07 2012


is I am slightly(*) ashamed in reporting that my troubles where caused
by  an error  in the  property  file holding  the user  name, a  small
character I did not see clearly in the first runs.

jsch works *perfectlY* and I wasted Yamanaka-san time. My most sincere
apologies and grateful thanks for jsch.

(*) I could clear it requesting permission to die. My wife refused it :).

ing. Gian Uberto Lauri
Ricercatore / Reasearcher
Laboratorio Ricerca e Sviluppo / Research & Development Lab.
Area Calcolo Distribuito / Distributed Computation Area


Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa
Corso Stati Uniti 23/C, 35127 Padova (PD) 

Tel. +39-049.8283.571         | main(){printf(&unix["\021%six\012\0"], 
Fax  +39-049.8283.569             |    (unix)["have"]+"fun"-0x60);}   
Skype: gian.uberto.lauri          |          David Korn, AT&T Bell Labs         
http://www.eng.it                         |          ioccc best One Liner, 1987 

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