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[k-9-mail] Re: Problem sending email with K-9 jpgoungo Thu Feb 09 14:01:28 2012


Thanks for the tip on the WiFi.  Speed has really never been much of a
problem for me.  But battery drain is.  I will try that switching to
WiFi in the future.

I consider the deficiency to be a K-9 concern.  Yes, the K-9 support
team analyzed my aLogcat and referred me to Yahoo!  And, Yahoo!, in a
nutshell, said they didn't see a problem with my account.

Therefore, my basis for it being a K-9 deficiency is that prior to
using K-9 for my email, the default Email app worked without the java
exception and socket timeout problems.

But, I prefer the customizable features K-9 offers over the basic
Email app, so I suffer through the occasional problems.


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