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[k-9-mail] Re: How on earth does spam work in K9 Keith Wiley Wed Feb 15 15:01:31 2012

> this account is configured as POP. a spam folder / marking as spam makes
> no sense.
> "Account settings > Folders > Spam folder" should be hidden/disabled for
> POP accounts.
> -ashley

What account?  I'm not sure what that means?

At any rate, I'm not sure why you think a spam folder doesn't make
sense on a POP account.  I always used POP access and my other mail
clients (Mac Mail) have been more than happy to offer a junk folder
and both on-the-fly-automatic and manual junk filtering.  I understand
that K-9 doesn't download full message bodies and therefore has less
information by which to *automatically* detect spam, but I don't
understand why you would say that spam filtering is inherently
incompatible with POP mail access.  I do it all the time on my
computer; why can't I do it on my phone...even if the filtering is
more manual in nature by letting me label an email as spam and then
moving it to a spam folder?

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