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[k-9-mail] Re: What is the difference between the two versions built for download at the same time Jo Bejo Thu Feb 16 18:00:17 2012

On 16 Feb., 21:38, Seth Holmes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The part you failed to read in the FAQ is under that last heading, "Why
> are there no release notes/list of changes for version x?" It reads:
>         Stable releases have even minor version numbers (e.g. 3.600,
>         3.800). Stable releases are only updated to fix serious bugs
>         (3.601, 3.602, etc.).
>         K-9 Mail packages with odd minor version numbers (e.g. 3.713,
>         3.900) are development builds.
> Those would be the second and third sentences under that heading.

I do not "failed to read" anything.

3.600, 3.800, 3.601 and 3.602 have "even minor version numbers"? 601
is even?
3.713 and 3.900 have "odd minor version numbers"? 713 is odd?

You are joking. In german language it's called: "betriebsblind".

Please write in the FAQ a right answer, because this is what you mean:

On 16 Feb., 23:14, "John F. Eldredge" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>[...] builds with a minor version number that start with an odd digit are 
>development builds.


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