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[Kodak Digital Cameras] If you should lose your Kodak when travelling... James Jones Sun Aug 13 05:27:44 2006

Here's a tip if you're going on a trip with your camera. Create a JPG
with your name, address, and telephone number and load it into the
camera. If somebody finds it and goes through the pictures, they will
know who it belongs to. I've done this with my C360 and stuck the
image in the "Favorites" folder on the camera. Here's an example:


Give it a file name your camera will understand and upload it to the
built-in memory AND put a copy on the memory card too. If the camera
has a "protect" feature, activate it for those images so they won't
get erased. You can use any graphics or photo editing program that
allows you to insert text into an image. I used Irfanview in this
example. Of course you could take the easy route and just write your
info on a chalkboard or a piece of paper and shoot that. Not very
high-tech, but effective. My brother-in-law said that he lost his
expensive Sony twice on the same vacation--once on the airplane and
again in a restaurant. It was returned both times to his amazement
even though it didn't have his name on it. Hope this helps!

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