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Re: [Latex2rtf-users] \includegraphics distorts aspect ratio Wilfried Hennings Fri Jul 29 01:01:09 2011

Hi Peter,
At 28.07.2011 23:11 you wrote:
> 1.
> for some odd reason my latex2rtf for win (2.1.1 beta7) does not 
> seem to create a folder called "test".

You are right, it doesn't. Well, the installer by default puts the files
under the \Programs folder, and the test files do not belong there.
Maybe they should go under the users' folder. I'll think about this.

> There are some test files in the folder scripts. However, there are 
> no pngs then in that folder but only one eps.
> (But I don't even have ImageMagick installed

This is the point. As I wrote, latex2rtf uses ImageMagick to get the
dimensions of the bitmap. If ImageMagick isn't available, latex2rtf does
not know these dimensions and guesses the aspect ratio.

> as I never use EPS conversions, neither formulas in the rtf.)
> ...
> My document contains only JPGs

ImageMagick is not only used for eps conversion (which additionally
needs ghostscript) but also for bitmap types other than png. If
ImageMagick is installed, latex2rtf converts all bitmaps to png which is
the native format to be inserted in rtf.
That you can see the images in Word is due to the fact that Word 2003
and newer can also handle included JPGs which former versions of Word
could not.

> I ticked the convert all figures to bitmaps right now. 
> But it only spits out error messages that
> "PutLatexFile failed to convert" my file respectively
> "error: latex failed to translate" my file.tex to my file.dvi.

This also is due to ImageMagick missing.

I am quite sure that the aspect ratios of your images will get right as
soon as you have ImageMagick installed.

We should emphasize this in the documentation.


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