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[leaf-user] help with p9100.lrp Jim Munro Fri Apr 22 21:00:42 2011

I can’t get the p9100 package to print.  It worked fine in 3.1.  Here are some 
log messages.

 From lpr.log

Apr 23 03:07:57 vfirewall2 p9100d[2976]: Connection from ::ffff: 
port 6206 acceptedApr 23 03:07:57 [EMAIL PROTECTED] p9100d[2976]: /dev/lp0: No 
such file or directoryApr 23 03:07:57 vfirewall2 p9100d[2976]: /dev/lp0: No 
such file or directory, will try opening later


>From /etc/modules 

# Parallel port support






I cant find a lp.ko module anywhere and there doesn’t appear
to be a /dev/lp0 entry.

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