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Re: [Ledger-smb-users] Translate form dropdown fields? Erik Huelsmann Sat Feb 11 15:00:20 2012

Hi Steven,

Is it possible to translate the values in the form fields for Ledgersmb
> 1.3.x.  For example, in the Country field on the AR/Customers/Add Customer
> form the drop down includes "Brazil".  Is it possible to translate this to
> "Brasil" via the .po files or some other method?

Yes, translation is possible, however not through the .po files.

>  I assume since this is likely coming from a database, the answer is no
> other than to make the change directly in the database.

Exactly and that's the solution. You should go to the menu "System" ->
Languages -> Edit Language. There you can change the description to
whatever you want it to be.

> If so, what ramifications are there to making this change directly in the
> database.

None. The field presented changes, that's all.

>  The country field is just one example.  Elsewhere in a dropdown field is
> "Billing", "Sales", and "Shipping" which is not going to make sense to a
> Brazilian user who only understand Portuguese.

These should actually have been translated through the .po file. If they're
not, it could be that the .po file is missing translations. If it doesn't,
then we would benefit from having a listing of all screens which have been
insufficiently prepared for translation (I use the English setup myself).
We can go about fixing the strings which can't be translated yet.

Let's start with reporting some of your translation issues here on the
mailing list. If we can't fix it quickly for some reason, we should move
the reports to the bug tracker.


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