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[Bug 358] compface fails to link due to problem with including errno.h blfs-bugs Mon Sep 29 17:36:28 2003


------- Additional Comments From [EMAIL PROTECTED]  2003-09-29 18:36 -------
> The patch is TOO big all right.
> I did not know that the patch was specific for gcc-3.3.1
> I did try to compile without any changes with gcc-2.95.3 but it did not work.
Oops, I meant glibc-2.3.x.

> An alternative would be to make a patch with the changes in configure.in
> cmain.c
> and uncmain.c and ask the user to run autoconf as part of the installation.
Just patch the .c files (as per the patch I will be attaching next). Since
current release of BLFS will be compatible with the current release of LFS, the
patch will be applied for most users.

> What do you mean by submitting the patches upstream? I will make a smaller
> patch
> and put it http://homepage.eircom.net/~aireland/compface-1.4.errno.2.patch
Upstream is the compface developers.

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