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Re: Back on the hunt for a small/quiet PC Ian Molton Thu Feb 26 15:55:48 2004

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 23:26:17 +0000
Matthew Burgess <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Some time ago I requested assistance in trying to quieten and/or
> shrink my PC down. Well, I've now looked into things a bit more
> (finally!) and think I've found what I want in the Shuttle SK43G.
> Anyone out there with experience of this particular critter, or the
> chipset (VIA KM400)

Why dont you go for the (faster) Nforce2 (400) board ? (SN45G2)

> Ian, you've got a Shuttle - do you feel it's quiet enough "out of the
> box" or have you made any mod's to it since?\


the stock fan works very quietly for about 3 months. then it starts to
wear. Replacing it with a papst fan ought to solve this.

The HDD is very important - far noisier than the main fan. Got for a
nice seagate or samsung with fluid dynamic bearings.

The PSU fan is very quiet.

My Radeon 9000 was *by far* the noisiest thing in the box... until the
fan broke. I removed it and it ran heatsinkless for a few months, until
I got round to putting a nice passive 'sink' on it. it seems to cope
despite running at ~70 deg C!

>  The only thing I can think
> of that might still make a racket is the graphics card's fan - it's an
> OEM GeForce 3 with a stock fan on it!

You're right to suspect it will be the noisiest thing.

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